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Viet Nam construction and investment consulting JSC is a professional engineering firm which offers solutions in the field of consultancy and construction. It provides topographic survey, geological survey, feasibility study, technical design, shop–drawing, EIA, SES/site clearance and resettlement, and construction consulting services. The company offers project management, environmental protection/social service/community development, construction works and infrastructural design, housing/civil/industrial design, construction supervision, and project monitoring and evaluation services. It also provides public works planning and design, engineering geology and soft soil treatment, co.

Many real estate initiatives are designed to get the immediate job done. But our commercial property consultants deliver strategies that take a longer view. When real estate decisions align with your organization’s broader business and financial objectives, it’s only natural that expectations are soon exceeded. Our smart, innovative advice helps you gain a competitive advantage and win senior management support for your real estate activities. Successful strategies typically pay for their development costs many times over, and real estate savings of 10 percent to 15 percent are not unusual.

Our professionals partner with you to create—and execute—solutions that not only look good on paper, but work in practice. You’ll benefit from our extensive commercial real estate experience helping companies from a broad range of industries meet the challenges of mergers and acquisitions, identify innovative workplace solutions, drive organizational change and engineer the financial optimization of their commercial property.

Tien Thinh International (TTI) Migration & Investment Consulting specialises in Skills Visas, Business Innovation & Investment (subclass 188/888) & Business Talent (subclass 132), assisting successful Vietnamese entrepreneurs and investors to migrate to Australia permanently by investing from AUD 200,000 to AUD 5 million into Australian businesses, government bond and managed funds.

Not only providing business migration solutions, we also offer comprehensive settlement support services to our clients, with an aim to help them to settle in Australia as quickly as possible. Once they arrive in Australia after their visa are granted, we will help connecting them to all aspects of life essential services providers – from real estate agencies (to purchase a house), home renovators (to renovate the property) to business consulting firms (to consult on how to operate a successful business in Australia) ect…

Our comprehensive services have enabled the possibility of establishing a business ecosystem for Vietnamese small business community in Australia, help creating new jobs, boost employment rate and contribute to the wider Australia’s economic success.

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Tien Thinh is determined and will do our best to become a leading corporation in the field of Business Migration & Investment in Australia. We are and experienced and trusted companion who will accompany our clients and their families to a brighter, happier and more prosperous future in Australia.

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Vietnam is currently one of the best destination for foreign investment in Southeast Asia. The country’s GDP is forecast to grow by 6.5 percent in 2017 and, among a variety of sectors, the demand for a high-quality education is reaching new heights, providing favorable opportunities for foreign investors to enter the market.  Data provided by the Ministry of Planning and Investment’s Foreign Investment Agency (FIA) for the first half of 2017 indicates that Vietnam attracted over US$701.69 million in FDI via 336 projects in the education and training sector.

However, in spite of opportunities, investment in education remains quite challenging as the government’s control over the sector remains high. Interested parties should therefore carefully study Vietnam’s complex regulatory environment when considering their options for market entry.

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Drivers of opportunity in Vietnam’s education sector
The rise of the Vietnamese consumer

Underlying the demand for education in Vietnam is a rapidly emerging middle class. Reporting from Boston Consulting Group (BCG) in 2013 showed that Vietnam had the fastest growing middle class in Southeast Asia. The report projected the middle and affluent classes (MAC) in Vietnam to double in size between 2014 and 2020, from 12 million to 33 million. Accompanying MAC growth is a clear uptick in confidence from those within Vietnam’s current middle class. Survey data provided as part of the BCG report indicated that 90 percent of MAC respondents believe their living conditions are higher than that of their parents. On top of this, respondents in the report confidence that conditions will continue to improve for their children.
Demographic tailwinds

On top of growing incomes and confidence in the future, Vietnam’s demographics also stand to have a positive impact on the education market. As of 2017, nearly 60 percent of Vietnam’s population of nearly 90 million is under 35 years of age. With more disposable income than in years prior, young Vietnamese, with the support of their parents, are eager to obtain the skills and knowledge which meet the ever-increasing demands of the labor market.
Talent shortages

As investment in children’s education is given increased priority, the demand of sending children to an international learning environment for a higher quality of education is on the rise, making the market more attractive to step into. Vietnam is facing major skills gaps, and local qualifications in many fields are not well acknowledged. International qualifications are therefore seen as a valuable advantage, and in some fields, they are almost essential.
Government support initiatives

In addition to the rising demand of for international education providers, investors can also find new opportunities offered by the government, especially after the country’s participation in WTO. Education institutions registered to operate for less than 20 years are no longer obligated to build their own facilities and are allowed to rent suitable schools, buildings or workshop areas for at least 5 years. Investors are also allowed to expand their brand by opening other campuses in the same city or in other cities.

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Challenges ahead

Education is an attractive sector for investment in Vietnam as the country is in need of international standard learning environment. However, there are some legal issues that enterprises should consider before entering the market.

Vietnam has only committed to liberalizing their education sector for foreign investment in select fields. As of 2017, the following fields are currently opened for foreign investment:

Most of these fields are for higher education level. For general education, which includes elementary schools, secondary schools, high schools, and pre-schools, opportunities for foreign investment exist but Vietnam has not yet committed to fully opening the sector. As such, there are a number of limitations that should be noted by those considering

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